It was midnight. He was drunk. He couldn’t even sit on the driver’s seat. He was driving a Government bus. Luckily, it was empty. He was taking it to the depot.


“These idiots won’t simply stop honking. Why the hell is he honking”, said Sagan to his friend Naruna. They were travelling on the ECR. Two young men were driving a Duke recklessly. They were the source of the honking. Naruna changed to the last gear and raced past the Duke. Suddenly, he stopped his bike on the roadside. “No…no…not here Naru…”, warned Sagan getting down from the bike. The Duke was nearing them. “Put it on”, said Sagan, wearing his mask.


He and his friends were chatting outside the house of one their friends. The house was very close to the road. Their faces were covered with sweat after their cricket match. “Hey…Get us some water”, said one. “Comi…”, his voice was cut off by the honking of a local bus plying through the road. He came with two bottles of water. “What the hell is this, Man?”, asked the guy who asked for water, referring to the bus. “It’s usual”, replied his friend. The other one showed no expression. They all heard the honking of a bus on the distance. “Give me that bat”, ordered the guy and grabbed it from his hand before he could. “Hey! Stop! What are you doing?”, shouted his friends as he went to the middle of the road with the bat. The horn sound increased. “Come aside you idiot!”, shouted his friends. The honking increased. He held the bat on his right hand. The bus was approaching fast. He tuned the bat, its back facing the bus. Seeing that he won’t move, the bus driver applied the brakes. Everyone in the bus shouted. He took a few steps back. The bus stopped a few inches before him. Before anyone could say or do anything, he shattered the windshield of the bus into pieces with his bat. He climbed up through the front and grabbed the driver by his collar and dragged him down.


Naruna walked to the middle of the road. The duke was close. They must have thought he was just crossing. They never slowed down. As they were about to pass him, Naruna’s elbow landed in the neck of the guy who was driving. They flew of the bike. The bike, went on alone, dragged by the speed. Sagan was ready with the bike. “Come on…Hurry up before someone comes…”, he shouted. Naruna got on the bike and they drove off.


It was midnight. He was drunk. He couldn’t even sit on the driver’s seat. He was driving a container lorry. Luckily, the road was empty. He was taking it to the automobile shop.


“We can’t get away all the time. One day they will catch us Naru”, complained Sagan. “We will catch up then”, said Naruna coolly. Sagan sighed. Suddenly, they heard sirens wailing in the distance. “Oh, my God! We are doomed!”, shouted Sagan. Three police jeeps were chasing them. “You remember the next plan, don’t you?”, asked Naruna. “Yes…but”, stammered Sagan. “No but-s, Sagan…you will execute it with the others.”, said Naruna in a firm voice. “What are you going to do?”, asked the other. “Catch up with them!”, replied Naruna smirking. “Don’t worry…I will be back”, assured Naruna. Sagan got off the bike and ran. Naruna turned the bike and drove towards the police.


“Why did you do that?”, asked Sagan as they were coming out of the court, after he took Naruna out in bail. “Why did I do what?”, asked Naruna. “Look Naru, you may be an orphan…but it doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you like. You still have your friends…and you will always.So…”, before he could finish, Naruna Started,”So, help me with my plan”.


“Who are you? Why did you do that?”, asked the inspector. He remained silent. A constable landed a punch in his face. “Who I am is of the least importance, Inspector…but, what You are going to be will be of most importance”, said Naruna. “What are you blabbering?”, shouted the inspector. He remained silent. The constable gave another punch. “You know inspector…in India, a road accident happens for every 4 minutes?”, asked Naruna. “So, what?”, asked the inspector. “You know our Prime Minister is coming to Chennai today?”, asked Naruna. “Yes…What’s with that?”, asked the inspector. “In next 4 minutes, an accident will happen…in which he might be present”, said Naruna with a mischievous smile. “What? I don’t believe this…I…I”, stammered the inspector.


” These are our closest and the most courageous friends I could find”, declared Sagan, introducing two of their friends. “You do understand that this could cost your life?”, asked Naruna to the two. “Cost our life for good…Yes”, they said in chorus. “Then come on!”, cheered Naruna.


“You have only 4 minutes after my watch strikes 4pm.”, said Naruna. The inspector looked at the time. The time was 3:55 in his watch. “I can say where that accident will happen. But, you have to release me. You can’t get that information by torturing me…at least not with this constable”, said Naruna, laughing. “So, Decide who you are going to be Mr.Inspector…A murderer and a traitor by holding me back or…A hero and a traitor by releasing me? Make your choice, Inspector…you’re running out of time.”, said Naruna. The inspector looked the watch again. It was 3:58. “OK…release him”, ordered the inspector. He walked out of the station and started his bike. “Exactly 4 miles after the toll booth near Kotakuppam”, said Naruna and drove off. The inspector alerted the policemen near the toll gate and he himself got into the jeep with the hope of catching Naruna again.


“This is going to be our first project as a team. If this works out, we will be alive and safe and we can continue. Otherwise, let’s take a look at our last project”, said Naruna. “You may think that we are hurting or killing innocent people. But, it’s not true. They aren’t innocent. Each of these reckless drivers may have already have blood on their hands or one day they will sure have. So, our aim is to make them amend their ways or take them out of the peoples’ ways. Understand?”, asked Naruna. “Yes…We are with you”, said the other three in unison.


They wore their masks. They began to cross the ECR. Each of them had a 4metre long iron rod. One of them stopped at one side, one on the other side, one in the middle and another opposite the one in the middle. The jeeps could be heard at a distance. They began to honk. They must have seen them. But, none of them moved. They placed the rods at the road, and took the hammer and began nailing them. The jeeps neared. The honking increased. When the jeeps were about to hit them, they moved away. The jeep that was in the front hit the rods and flipped. The other two jeeps that followed collided on it. In a few minutes, one of the jeeps exploded.


He was nowhere to be found. He seemed to have simply vanished. So, the inspector decided to go to the place Naruna said. He was coming close to the place. He saw flames. He drove faster. He saw a few police jeeps and two ambulances. He stopped the jeep and ran to an officer who seemed to be in charge there. “Oh, you are the one who gave the information! Nothing to worry, the Prime Minister will take few more minutes…say 4 minutes to arrive here. So, nothing to worry. These are some common people. But, thanks to you, we were here as soon as it happened.”, answered the officer. “Did you see the people who did this?”, asked the inspector eagerly. “I don’t think…”, the officer was cut off by another, ”Sir, there must be 4”.




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