The Second Share

She came to me for counselling. She was 40 years old and was in a important position in a reputable company. She looked happy but something bothered her. She was a divorcee and she came to me for advise regarding how to deal with her friends and well wishers who constantly asks her to continue her marital life. Though she didn’t say this openly, the way she talked showed it clearly. I spoke to her.

Me : When were you married ?

She: When I was 28.

Me: Do you have any children ?

She: Yes, a girl.

Me : Were you both happy ?

She: Yes..(Pausing) Till 2 years before.

Me: What happened then ?

She: Problems started…

Me: What problems ?

She: He didn’t like my way with his mother.

Me: And why is that ?

She: I said I can’t do all the works in the kitchen and asked her to share some.

Me: How old is she ?

She: 62.

Me: I wouldn’t say she would be of much help.

She: But she could be of some.

Me: Well..I’m not here to comment on that. What was her response to it ?

She: I don’t know how she felt but she inclined to help.

Me: But, your husband was not very comfortable with your idea, am I right ?

She: Yes. There started the problem.

Me: How he reacted ?

She: He said I was doing this on purpose. He said that since I was earning                        money I had taken pride in it. But I really didn’t. My work was hard and di needed help. So I asked. That’s it.

Me: Then what happened ?

She: The problem continued. He begun to talk about how his mother brought him up amidst of the difficulties of their family and how she contributed to the family eventhough she was just a house-wife.

Me: What was your reaction to his approach ?

She: First I didn’t take it seriously. But, he continued to do it whenever we were alone. I grew tierd of it. So, one day I told him that I didn’t care what she did and I just asked her to help me and so asked him to stop.

Me: What was his reply ?

She: He became very furious. He said that I was doing all this because of my job. He stopped talking with me. The home which was like a heaven to me was now hell.

Me: What did you do ?

She: There came a point where I can’t withstand it anymore. So I divorced him and begun to live alone.

Me: What about your daughter ?

She: She’s with me now.

Me: How old is she now ?

She: 10.

Me: Then she should be asking about her father.

She: What answer you give ?

She: I generally dismiss the topic.

Me: Hmm..That’s not good. You have to change that.

She: What do you want me to say ?

Me: Tell the truth perhaps.

She: I will think about it.

Me: How do you feel about living without  a man’s support ?

She: That’s not a big problem for me…though I have a younger brother.

Me: Younger brother?! You didn’t tell me anything about him…

She: Well…you didn’t ask.

Me: Now I’m asking.

She: He is a good man perhaps the best one I ever known. He has been supporting me since I divorced. He’s the one who made me realised about how good and important I’m for my family. I realised myself only because of him.

Me: You’re keeping him very high inyour thoughts.

She: That’s what I think about him.

Me: Tell me about his character.

She: He was proper mannered man. He is disciplined.

Me: Nothing bad about him…?

She: Why are you questioning only about him ?

Me: I assure you I don’t intend to degrade him but your opinion make me to ask.

She: The only thing that he did which made me to feel bad was his wanting of the money our family got from selling our ancestral property.

Me: Why did you sell it ?

She: We didn’t want to. The government has taken it and as usual it had given only a trivial amount. He asked for my share too. Since it was just a small amount of money, I gave it up. But, I still have some attachment to it.

Me: Before the next session please try to know more about the property sales.

She: Why?

Me: I will explain later. Please.

She: Ok. I will try.

The next session she came to me with a frenzy look and some shocking details. The conversation.

She: I should have never trusted him.

Me: What happened ? Who ?

She: My brother!

Me: Why ?

She: What you suspected was right !

Me: What have you found ?

She: I have found that the property was taken by the government for a large sum of money than my brother has told. That he understood that he can fool me easily without my husband around. That he did all this to steal my share of it. The second share.


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