Turn 2 – The Fetch

“Is that you, sweetie?”, asked a man. She turned back. There was nothing hanging from the branch. Again, the man called. She recognised his voice. “Daddy…”, she cried and ran into his arms. He consoled her and asked her what happened. She told him the turn of events that happened over the route. Seeing his girl frightened to death, he decided to check. He dropped her at home and returned to the route. The street lights were all good and there was no one in the road. He returned so quick leaving his daughter at home. So, if someone was following her, couldn’t have returned. But, there was no one. The branch where she saw the body was also clean. So, he returned home. He tried to convince his daughter that the incidents were just the effects of her fears taking toll of her mind. Though, she appeared to be satisfied by his explanations, she knew in her deep heart that they were all real. All of them couldn’t be her imagination. She felt the hanging body’s legs against her. That couldn’t be imagination. That image kept coming to her whenever she closed her eyes. She couldn’t sleep that night. She went to school with heavy eyelids. Her close friend noticed it at once and asked her the reason. Though she didn’t want to say, due to her friend’s compulsion, she told. “My father thinks that these are all my imagination. But, I felt the legs against my forehead”, she said. “There is nothing to prove what you have seen was real. Let’s see my father this evening. He is a psychiatrist, remember?”, the other girl said. After school, they went his clinic. “So, you say that you felt the hanging body’s legs?”, he asked after listening to her tale. “Yes! Right here”, she said pointing to her forehead. After thinking for some time, the psychiatrist said, “First, I thought yours is a premonition. You know, like a vision of something that hasn’t happened yet? But, when you said you could feel the body’s legs, I concluded that you have seen your fetch.” “Fetch?! What does that mean?” “In premonition, you will have a vision of what will happen in the future. But, this is slightly different from that. This is called Doppelganger Effect. In this you could not only see what will happen in the future but you can also feel it as if you were in it. When you see a person in this effect, you are actually seeing his double. This double is called Fetch. The theory goes that when you see your own fetch, you will die soon. This is not new. For example, Abraham Lincoln has saw his fetch before his death. But, one thing is for sure. If you have seen your fetch, you will die soon.” “What?! I am going to die?”, she exclaimed. “Only if you have seen your own fetch”, he said. “How could I know if it was me? I have only seen the legs!”, she questioned. The three of them sat in silence. “Your anklets!”, exclaimed her friend. “What?”, she asked. “Your anklet…think about the image and see if you could remember if the legs had anklets”, advise her friend. After thinking for a few moments, she began to cry. “What? Why are you crying?”, asked her friend. Suppressing her cry, she said, “Yes, it had anklets…just like mine”. “Hey! Wait…what else did you experience?”, her friend asked. “I felt as if someone was following me and…and I think I heard a song!”, she replied. “What song?” “I don’t know the song but it was a Hindi song…the lyrics went like “Mein teri kaabil hoon ya teri kaabil nehi…”, she replied. “I think we have heard that song somewhere else…Yes! Him…that guy who proposed to you in the tuition…that song was his ringtone!”, she reminded. “But I refused!”, she exclaimed. “Maybe that’s why…”, her friend paused. “What?”, she asked. “Maybe he’s going to harm you because you refused him”, she replied. But, she knew he was not that kind of guy. Then you should be careful. It will happen one day. Think about the events and be attentive to what’s happening around you. Maybe you could save yourself”, said the psychiatrist. They came out. “Stay strong…nothing will happen to you”, her friend consoled her. Days passed. After nearly a month, she had almost forgot these events. She was going to the tuition one evening. The crowd was denser than usual. She went closer. She asked her friend what has happened. The other one informed that the tuition master’s mother was dead. Her heart beat rose. Sweat beads rolled down her cheek. “Are you okay?”, the other girl asked. “Yeah…Yeah”, she blurted out. She took her phone and called her father. The phone rang but no one picked up. She began to pant. She understood it was happening. While she was waiting there, the other students began to leave. She too didn’t know why but she started walking to her house. She arrived at the road. She hesitantly started walking in the road. She passed one turn after the other. After a few turns, she heard someone moaning. Her fears rose. She started to walk faster. After another few turns, the moaning became louder. She decided that it was him who was following her. She had got his number from one of her friends when those incidents took place. She called him. “Mein teri kaabil hoon ya teri kaabil hehi…”, his phone rang somewhere. She decided that it was him who is following her. So, she began to search for the place where the song came. The song became louder. She spotted the phone. But, he was not there. She looked around. Suddenly, she heard the moaning again. She looked into the bushes. He was wriggling on the ground, bound by some ropes. She let out a cry. A hefty man was standing near him noticed her. Alarmed, she tried to run but he seized her and punched her. She fainted. She took a piece of rope binding his captive’s body and tied it around her neck. He threw the other end of the rope over a branch and raised her. He held the rope for a minute or so and then tied it to another branch. He brushed his sweaty hands and turned…


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