He was the best traveller you could have seen.He bought an Avenger for that very purpose.Every weekend he would go on a long drive,alone,the bike being his only companion. It was one such weekend. He loved travelling at night than in day, that too in ring roads. That weekend, he wasw travelling to Karaikal from Puducherry. It was half past one, when he was nearing Chidambaram. He sensed a storm approaching. He was in a dilemma whether to choose the by-pass road for Chidambaram or to go through the town. But his adventurous mind chose the ringroad. He took it. He has travelled that road earlier but this time it felt different. It had already started raining and so he thought it might be because of that. Some 20 minutes passsed. There was neither any signboards nor any houses on either side of the road. As it was a ringroad, there were no street lights. It was completely dark, apart from the headlight and occasional lightning. He kept on looking for some signboards. In a flash of lightning, he saw a milestone. He turned his headlight to see it clearly. On it, it was written ‘NH 80’ and nothing more. It seemed strange because there was no National Highway ‘80’ in South India. He felt an urge to return. He took a U-turn & drove. The rain became fierce. He searched for a shelter. He found a bus stop on one side of the road. He parked his bike inside& sat there. After a few minutes, he heard a sound. Slowly, it became louder. He heard a bike. He eagerly came out to see because,since he entered this road, he had seen no other vehicle. As the bike approached him, he noticed it was familiar. Using his hands to guard his eyes from rain, he keenly watched the bike as it passed. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Someone, exactly like him, drove his bike. He ran to the bus stop to check on his bike. It was still there. He thought again and again about it. In a few minutes, he again saw himself passing the bus stop. He thought how that could happen. In a regular interval, the bike passed again & again. Depressed, he hurled a stone on the road. After a few minutes, a stone hit the road again from nowhere. These two events happened again and again. He slowly begun to grasp the reality. He understood that he was on a loop. Whatever he did in the road, happened again and again. He felt fear rising in him. He started to think how to escape it. At last, he decided to leave the road and begun to run sidewards. As he guessed, it indeed was a loop. He saw the road at a distance. It was still raining heavily. As he came near the road, he saw the milestone with ‘NH80’ written on it. With the hope of escaping that hell, he ran fast to cross the road. In the middle of the road, he heard some sound. Before he could realise anything, the bike hit him. He rolled down a few times, before he stopped. He rose and sat on the side of the road. He felt himself fainting. His hand instinctly moved to the back of his neck. He felt blood gushing out. He turned slowly to see the road. A stone was there, stained with blood. He turned back. The lightning flashed. In the flash,he saw the bus stop & his bike inside it, beside him. He slowly fell on the road. His blood mixed with rain water. On the corner of his eye, he saw himself running towards the road and the bike hitting him, again & again, infinitely….



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