Some other place…


My 10 year old son was telling the story. He returned home after two days.

“ I was returning from school. It was a lonely road. I felt someone was following me. I walked fast. After sometime, I still felt someone was following me. I turned back to look. A handkerchief was in my face. I struggled but in a few seconds, all went dark. I slowly openend my eyes. I could see nothing clearly. It was all dark except for a small tungsten lamp. I couldn’t see much but there was this foul smell. I couldn’t stand it. I looked around to know where I was. I found that i was tied to a iron pole. In the light from that bulb, I saw someone tied to the iron pole next to me. I tried to call him. There was no response. So, I slowly kicked him. Still there was no response. This time I kicked him harder. Suddenly he fell to my side. Then only I saw that horrible thing. His stomach was cut open and there was nothing in there. His body was in a decayed condition. It must be atleast a few months old. Suddenly, I heard some footsteps. A masked man came there. He was carrying a box which looked like some tools box. He opened it. I took a peek into it. It was full of knives of various sizes. My body begun to shiver. He took a syringe and filled it with some transparent liquid and came closer to me. I struggled to free myself but in vain. He injected me with it. Again, all went dark. When I opened  my eyes again, it was morning. I looked around me. There was many iron poles around me,nearly 20. It looked like an abandoned steel plant. And to each of the pole, there was boy’s body tied to it,their stomachs cut open in the same way, in different stages of decay. My fears rose manifold. I decided to escape in whatever way I could. I heard some footsteps. I sat there like as I was unconscious. The masked man who came yesterday, came. He noticed that the rope by which I was tied was loose due to my constant struggle. So, i think he decide to retie it all over again. He untied it. Grasping the chance, I stood up, took his tools box and hit him hard in the head, again and again. Blood started gushing out of his head and he fell down. I dropped the box and ran as fast as I could without looking back. After running for a long time, I reached a main road. There, I asked a man’s help and he dropped me here.”

He finished his long narrative. I listened to it with terror. I lodged a complaint to the Police right away. The Police begun to search for the place my son described. After a few weeks of search, the Police closed the case saying that there was no steel plants around the place we lived and my son must have misunderstood what he saw. No wonder, as we lived in a remote village. But, I’m sure that my son was telling the   truth. So, next time, I will take him to some other place.


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